s3lph's Debian Repo

Hi! I'm s3lph, and this is my Debian package repository containing an assortment of packages I built for systems I'm managing.

All packages in here are built by an automated pipeline once a day. Most packages are built using the latest (stable) upstream release, greatly reducing (my personal) manual maintenance labor.

For a list of packages included in this repository, please check out the list in the package list.

Use at your own risk!

If you decide to use this repository, please be aware that:

You have been warned!

However, if you do decide to use this repository, feel free to open bug reports in the Forgjeo project. Chances are that I will fix this issue pretty fast, as it most likely affects me as well. I will however not add new packages to this repository on request.


The best way to configure this repository is by directly installing the apt-source package:

wget -O repo.s3lph.me-apt-source.deb https://git.kabelsalat.ch/s3lph/-/packages/debian/repo.s3lph.me-apt-source/0.2-2/files/3003
dpkg -i repo.s3lph.me-apt-source.deb

Or, if you're fond of Ansible:

- name: Install repository configuration package
    deb: https://git.kabelsalat.ch/s3lph/-/packages/debian/repo.s3lph.me-apt-source/0.2-2/files/3003

This apt-source package contains both the deb822 sources file and the key used to sign the repository. This package is provided in the repository itself. If the repository location or its key changes, this package will be updated to ensure a smooth transition.

Unattended Upgrades

I use this repository almost exclusively in combination with unattended-upgrades. To configure unattended-upgrades to update all packages from this repository, put the following into /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades:

Unattended-Upgrade::Origins-Pattern {
	// ... put this next to existing entries